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 ====== Favorites ====== ====== Favorites ======
   -[[slackware:​beginners_guide|Configure your new Slackware System]]   -[[slackware:​beginners_guide|Configure your new Slackware System]]
 +  -[[http://​​slackbook:​tracking_updates|Tracking updates]]
   -[[slackware:​slackpkg|slackpkg]]   -[[slackware:​slackpkg|slackpkg]]
   -[[http://​​Writing_A_SlackBuild_Script|Writing a Slackbuild Script]]   -[[http://​​Writing_A_SlackBuild_Script|Writing a Slackbuild Script]]
 +  -[[http://​​howtos:​slackware_admin:​systemupgrade|System upgrade]]
 +  -[[http://​​slackware:​current|Slackware - Current]]
 +======Slackbuilds And SBo ======
 +==Using git master branch with sbopkg==
 +From http://​​questions/​slackware-14/​slackware64-14-problems-with-compiling-packages-from-slackbuilds-org-4175429712/​
 +create a file /​etc/​sbopkg/​repos.d/​80-slackbuilds-master.repo with this content (one line)
 +slackbuilds master "​Official git master from"​ custom git git://​​slackbuilds.git@master ""​
 +then, to have it selected as the default repository, edit the lines of /​etc/​sbopkg/​sbopkg.conf with the variables REPO_BRANCH and REPO_NAME
 +and do a sbopkg -r (to sync).
 +For temporary usage
 +sbopkg -V slackbuilds/​master -r
 +sbopkg -V slackbuilds/​master -i my_package_or_queue

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