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-Hi! My name is Bojan and I am not good in introductions,​ so I will (try to?) keep it to minimum. :)+====== bocke ======
-My first contact with Linux was in 1999 or 2000. It was an article in a local computer magazine. I first got a chance to try it in 2001. It was something called Winlinux. Very soon I switched to Red Hat. I was unlucky to not have a PC between 2003 and 2005In 2005 got a new one and continued exploring. At first I tried Suse, than Debian, and finally at the end of the same year, settled with Slack. ​Same year became a moderator ​of the Linux section ​of [[http://​www.mycity.rs|a large internet forum/community]] in [[wp>​serbia|Serbia]]. That is how I first tried Slack - by the recommendation of another moderator. It seems Slackware ​was invisible for computer media. They mostly covered Red hat, Mandrake, Suse and Knoppix. The history is repeating today, only the names changed. Anyways, I was hooked and have been a Slacker ever since+Hi! Мy name is [[wp>​bojan|Bojan]] from [[wp>​serbia|Serbia]] (no, that'​s ​not [[wp>​siberia|Siberia]]). I've been using GNU/Linux since y2k1 and Slack since y2k5. I'm currently one of the admins ​of [[http://​www.slackware-srbija.org/|Slackware ​Serbia]], an informal online community dedicated to Slackware and its users in Serbia
-I don't have a serious writing background, but I did write an article for a print edition of [[http://​www.digitalonline.rs/​|"​Digital"​]] computer magazine (november of 2009). it was a 3-page article on Linux desktop environments. ​ 
-From 2011 and onwards I am one of the coordinators of Serbian Slackware community [[http://​slackware-srbija.org|Slackware Srbija]]. 

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