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Notes on translations

On fr:slackdocs:tutorial - Articles complexes : add example(s), rephrase. English part kinda hard to understand too.
REMOVE the note about templates that are not working for french, when solved.
Same page, the wikipedia link doubles points is to, with the following:

[[wp>Deux-points|doubles points]]

We want (maybe wpf sumthing ?!).

Will the WYSIWYG tooltips be translated too ?

Special french chars

To be used with the US layout and a configured system special key.
I use the left Win key (keycode 133 = Multi_key) in the ~/.Xmodmap file.
ç: , + c
é: ' + e
è: ` + e
à: ` + a

General notes

Translations guidelines, why separated ?
Now it is on both:
- slackdocs:styleguide#translating_a_page
- slackdocs:tutorial#language_considerations

Error with tags:
The page Audio and snd-hda-intel appears in the page, as well as other unrelated docs.


Step-by-step for noobs: where do I start ?
This is not a complete guide, but rather helps you getting started with the basics. The goal here is to allow a clean and secure system browsing the internet. Once you get your internet connection working, this wiki will answer ALL your further questions.

1. install: follow complete'n'existing install guide
2. WM basic guide
3. setup basic firewall
4. setup network connections (to consult this site !)
5. setup a browser (needed, as FF's workin out-of-the-box ?)
6. install hardware/software, configure the system and everything else: use the wiki HOWTOS, articles, …

In general, you want to configure your hardware first. Then your system (boot files, etc), then only the software.

In Other Languages
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