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Notes on translations

On fr:slackdocs:tutorial - Articles complexes : add example(s), rephrase. English part kinda hard to understand too.

Same page, the wikipedia link doubles points is to en.wikipedia.org, with the following:

[[wp>Deux-points|doubles points]]

We want fr.wikipedia.org (maybe wpf sumthing ?!).

Special french chars

To be used with the US layout and a configured system special key.
I use the left Win key (keycode 133 = Multi_key) in the ~/.Xmodmap file.
ç: , + c
é: ' + e
è: ` + e
à: ` + a

General notes

Translations guidelines, why separated ?
Now it is on both:
- slackdocs:styleguide#translating_a_page
- slackdocs:tutorial#language_considerations

Error with tags:
The page Audio and snd-hda-intel appears in the http://docs.slackware.com/tag:keyboard?do=showtag&tag=keyboard page, as well as other unrelated docs.


Step-by-step for noobs: where do I start ?
This is not a complete guide, but rather helps you getting started with the basics. The goal here is to allow a clean and secure system browsing the internet. Once you get your internet connection working, this wiki will answer ALL your further questions.

1. install: follow complete'n'existing install guide
2. WM basic guide
3. setup basic firewall
4. setup network connections (to consult this site !)
5. setup a browser (needed, as FF's workin out-of-the-box ?)
6. install hardware/software, configure the system and everything else: use the wiki HOWTOS, articles, …

In general, you want to configure your hardware first. Then your system (boot files, etc), then only the software.

In Other Languages
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