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-Useful editor links:​\\ ​ +====== Notes ====== 
-[[slackdocs:​staff_editors_guide|Staff Editors Guide]]\\  + 
-[[toc:start|Table Of Contents]]\\  +  * On [[fr:slackdocs:tutorial#​articles_complexes|fr:​slackdocs:​tutorial]] 
-[[slackdocs:contributing#​subjects_to_cover|Contrib-subjects to cover]]\\  +    * Section ​[[fr:slackdocs:​tutorial#​articles_complexes|Articles complexes]]: add example(s), rephrase. English version kinda hard to understand too. 
-\\  +    * remove the note about templates that are not working for french, when solved. 
-[[wiki:syntax|Wiki Syntax]]\\  + 
-[[slackdocs:styleguide|Style Guide for Articles Published at SlackDocs]]\\  +  * Error with tags: check for example the [[tag:keyboard?​do=showtag&​tag=keyboard|tag:​keyboard]] page. 
-[[slackdocs:tutorial|Wiki Tutorial and Guidelines]]+ 
 +  * To make < key > not interpreting what's inside teh tag, try enclosing the character in single quotes. for the - key you must type Minus.\\  
 +(Grabbed from the ML discussion between mattfillpot and alienbob). 
 +Maybe add it to the tutorial (if it isn't yet)? 
 +<​code><​key>'​c'</​key>​ // <​key>​Minus</​key></​code>​ 
 +  * Add a 'tag handling'​ part in teh tutorial ? 
 +====== Special french chars ====== 
 +To be used with the US dead-key layout and a configured special key.\\  
 +I use the left Win key (''​keycode 133 = Multi_key''​) in the ''​~/​.Xmodmap''​ file.\\  
 +ç'',''​ + c\\  
 +é''''' ​ + e\\  
 +è''​`''​ + e\\  
 +à: ''​`''​ + a\\  
 ---- ----
 USEFUL ?\\  USEFUL ?\\ 
 \\  \\ 

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