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-====== Notes on translations ​======+====== Notes ======
-On [[fr:​slackdocs:​tutorial#​articles_complexes|fr:​slackdocs:​tutorial ​Articles complexes]] : add example(s), rephrase. English ​part kinda hard to understand too.\\  +On [[fr:​slackdocs:​tutorial#​articles_complexes|fr:​slackdocs:​tutorial]] 
-\\  +  * Section [[fr:​slackdocs:​tutorial#​articles_complexes|Articles complexes]]:​ add example(s), rephrase. English ​version ​kinda hard to understand too. 
-Same page, the wikipedia link [[wp>​Deux-points|doubles points]] is to en.wikipedia.org,​ with the following: +  * remove the note about templates that are not working for french, when solved. 
-<​code>​[[wp>​Deux-points|doubles points]]</​code>​ + 
-We want fr.wikipedia.org (maybe wpf sumthing ?​!).\\ ​+Error with tags:\\  
 +Check for example ​the [[tag:​keyboard?​do=showtag&​tag=keyboard|tag:keyboard]] page.
 ====== Special french chars ====== ====== Special french chars ======
-To be used with the US layout and a configured ​system ​special key.\\ ​+To be used with the US dead-key ​layout and a configured special key.\\ ​
 I use the left Win key (''​keycode 133 = Multi_key''​) in the ''​~/​.Xmodmap''​ file.\\ ​ I use the left Win key (''​keycode 133 = Multi_key''​) in the ''​~/​.Xmodmap''​ file.\\ ​
 ç: '',''​ + c\\  ç: '',''​ + c\\ 
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 à: ''​`''​ + a\\  à: ''​`''​ + a\\ 
-====== General notes ====== 
-Translations guidelines, why separated ?\\  
-Now it is on both:​\\ ​ 
-- [[slackdocs:​styleguide#​translating_a_page|slackdocs:​styleguide#​translating_a_page]]\\ ​ 
-- [[slackdocs:​tutorial#​language_considerations|slackdocs:​tutorial#​language_considerations]]\\ ​ 
-Error with tags:​\\ ​ 
-The page ''​Audio and snd-hda-intel''​ appears in the http://​docs.slackware.com/​tag:​keyboard?​do=showtag&​tag=keyboard page, as well as other unrelated docs. 
 ---- ----
 \\  \\ 

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