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-==== sycamorex ====+=====sycamorex =====
-Name: Marcin \\ +   Name: Marcin Herda 
-Age33 \\ +   * LanguagesPolish, English 
-CityLondon \\ +   * Slackware user since2006 
-Interests: linux / programming / photography / guitar \\ +   * Personal blog: [[http://slackword.net|Slackword.net]] 
-Personal blog: [[http://slackword.net|slackword]]+   * SlackBuilds maintainer: i3, i3status, yajl, dwb, detox, perl-AnyEvent-I3, perl-AnyEvent-Handle 
 +   * Contact: mherda at slackword dot net
 +===== sycamorex's articles =====
 +{{topic>author_sycamorex -work_in_progress&table&showdate&nodesc&nocomments&notags&nosort}}
-[[Quering installed packages]]+=====  Work in Progress Articles ===== 
 +{{topic>author_sycamorex +work_in_progress&table&showdate&nodesc&nocomments&notags&nosort}}

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