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 <note important>​Do not edit (unless stated otherwise) or remove</​note>​ <note important>​Do not edit (unless stated otherwise) or remove</​note>​
-<!-- Add your text below. We strongly advise to start with a Headline (see button bar above). --> 
-====== My example headline ====== 
-This is an example of an article created in Vim using Matthew'​s script. This 
-is just an random jumble of letters.\\ This should be a new line. Some lines 
-should be **bold**. Others should stand out from ''​others''​. This, on the 
-other hand, is supposed to be a bulleted list: 
-  * The first item 
-  * the second item 
-==== Some subheading ==== 
-Now let's add some urls: [[http://​www.linuxquestions.org|This]] link points 
-to a Linux forum. ​ 
-=== SubSub heading including code === 
-Let's add some code: 
-sed '/​pattern/​s/​old/​new/​r'​ infile</​code>​ 
-====== Sources ====== 
-<!-- If you are copying information from another source, then specify that source --> 
-  * Original source: [[http://​bbc.co.uk]] --> 
-<!-- Authors are allowed to give credit to themselves! --> 
-  * Originally written by [[wiki:​user:​sycamorex |Marcin Herda]] --> 
-<!-- * Contributions by [[wiki:​user:​yyy | User Y]] --> 
-<!-- Please do not modify anything below, except adding new tags.--> 
-<!-- You must remove the tag-word "​template"​ below before saving your new page --> 
-{{tag>​howtos testing}} 

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