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 +**/​dev/​rob0** was mknod(8) in 1999, playing around on an old i386 with 8MB RAM (that was a lot for those machines!) He got it running Slackware (Zipslack) 3.6 after having failed with a RedHat 5.0 CD. In early 1999 he found and started participating on the Slackware.com forums, posting as "​Rob"​. Then mknod occurred in May, because another Rob robbed him of uniqueness.
 +Thereafter known as /dev/rob0, he continued to work and learn many things Linux, most importantly the necessary skills to identify and solve problems.
 +In 2003, he turned pro, going to work as a subcontractor for a consultant. Now he's an independent consultant specializing in mail, DNS and networking (including OpenVPN and iptables firewalling) issues. See http://​rob0.nodns4.us/​ for details.
 +rob0 can be found in various channels on Freenode IRC. He runs various versions of Slackware on all his machines, including the ones he supports for child nodes and /dev/wife.

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