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 +I'm a notorious distro-hopper,​ but have been using Slackware to keep me on the straight-and-narrow.
 +My Linux journey began in 2001 with a SuSE 7.1 Live CD and an accidentally wiped hard drive. Oops! Then there was Peanut something or other, then Gentoo, then I came to Slackware 9 or 9.1 after undoubtedly trying various other things.
 +Since then, I have tried many distros, but I always return to Slackware. Now, I've determined to leave the darned computer alone and just run Slack.
 +I use Slackware64-current,​ but will probably stick with 14.0 once it is released, unless something new and shiny catches my eye...
 +Oh, and I'm bi-lingual English-French and fluent in German. Which is to say, I don't speak any language well!

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