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-Contact: ​ brent -at- exitstatusone -dot- com+My name is Brenton Earl.  I currently live in Utah but I have lived all over the USA.  You can contact me by email, ​brent -at- exitstatusone -dot- com.  My personal web site is, https://​www.exitstatusone.com. ​ You can also find me on LinuxQuestions.org as well, [[https://​www.linuxquestions.org/​questions/​user/​mralk3-1009985/​|my profile]].
-My personal web site is:  ​https://​www.exitstatusone.com+====== Articles ====== 
 +  * [[howtos:software:​arpwatch|Network Monitoring with Arpwatch]] 
 +  * [[howtos:​hardware:​arm:qemu_support_in_slackware_arm|QEMU Support in Slackware ARM]]

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