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 ====== Favorites ====== ====== Favorites ======
   -[[slackware:​beginners_guide|Configure your new Slackware System]]   -[[slackware:​beginners_guide|Configure your new Slackware System]]
 +  -[[http://​docs.slackware.com/​slackbook:​tracking_updates|Tracking updates]]
   -[[slackware:​slackpkg|slackpkg]]   -[[slackware:​slackpkg|slackpkg]]
   -[[http://​slackwiki.com/​Writing_A_SlackBuild_Script|Writing a Slackbuild Script]]   -[[http://​slackwiki.com/​Writing_A_SlackBuild_Script|Writing a Slackbuild Script]]

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