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-Contacts:+===== About ===== 
 +I'm just a guy from Bulgaria that has been using (( and loving! )) Slackware since version 7.1 when I made my first steps with GNU/Linux as a teenager. \\ 
 +I've been working as a System Administrator / DevOPS (( call it whatever u like, I still don't see the difference )) for the last 13+ years. \\ 
 +And I'm just doing my small part in helping the community by hosting a Slackware mirror[[http://​mirrors.slackware.bg|mirrors.slackware.bg]] ((  Currently mirroring: slackware, slackwarearm,​ msb, csb, ktown, liveslack, multilib, slackbuilds,​ slarm64 )) and writing articles here /as u can see..I'​m not helping much :( / 
 +===== Contacts =====
   * **Email:** georgi_at_slackware.bg ​   * **Email:** georgi_at_slackware.bg ​
   * **Freenode:​** ##Slackware (nick lamerix)   * **Freenode:​** ##Slackware (nick lamerix)
 +===== Contributed Articles =====
 +{{topic>​author_lamerix nodate&​desc&​sort&​table&​tags}}

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