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 +====== Frank Donkers ======
 +Hi! My name is Frank Donkers and I'm from the Netherlands. I have been using Linux at home since 1996 when I installed Slackware 3 on an old 486. I briefly tried some other distributions,​ but eventually came back to Slackware and have been using it ever since. ​
 +Contact: fdonkers at zonnet dot nl 
 +===== Articles =====
 +{{topic>​author_fdonkers -work_in_progress&​table&​showdate&​nodesc&​nocomments&​tags&​sort}}
 +===== Work in progress =====
 +{{topic>​author_fdonkers +work_in_progress&​table&​showdate&​nodesc&​nocomments&​tags&​sort}}

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