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-Coming soon...+===== Dave Woodfall ===== 
 +I'm a 55 year old Slackware user in the UK. 
 +I first started computing in around 1981 on a TRS-80 Coco with 32K RAM and 
 +Extended Color BASICI learned BASIC and ASM and wrote a few gamesIn those 
 +days there were magazines with BASIC programs shared by readers, which we would 
 +type out and run. 
 +I started using Slackware in around 2003. I have an application included in 
 +Slackware - soma, an internet radio player written in bash - and have 
 +contributed some patches for setconsolefont and slackpkg. 
 +I maintain various Slackbuild scripts at http://slackbuilds.org and was 
 +recently invited to be an admin. 
 +I also help out with the Studioware project: http://studioware.org 
 +You can find some other Slackbuilds and docs on my web site: http://tty1.uk 
 +Pages on docs.slackware.com: 
 +  * https://docs.slackware.com/howtos:slackware_admin:using_slackwares_kernel_build_scripts 
 +  * Various studioware pages: 
 +    * http://docs.slackware.com/studioware:start 

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