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 ====== bocke ====== ====== bocke ======
-===== Background ===== +Hi! Мy name is [[wp>​bojan|Bojan]] from [[wp>​serbia|Serbia]] (no, that's not [[wp>​siberia|Siberia]]). I'​ve ​been using GNU/Linux since y2k1 and Slack since y2k5. I'​m ​currently one of the admins ​of [[http://​www.slackware-srbija.org/​|Slackware Serbia]], ​an informal online ​community ​dedicated to Slackware and its users in Serbia. ​
- +
-Hi! Мy name is [[wp>​bojan|Bojan]]. I am a 31 year old male from [[wp>​serbia|Serbia]] (Former Yugoslavia). I have been Linux user since 2001 and a Slackware user since 2005. I'​m ​the author ​of the numerous articles in Serbian related to home usage of GNU/Linux (and a few related to system administration) on the two sites I am (directly or indirectly) affiliated with. One of those is an informal and non-profit community of Slackware Linux users in Serbia: ​[[http://​www.slackware-srbija.org/​|Slackware ​Srbija (Serbia)]]. We have a smallbut active ​community ​consisting of the users of the various levels of knowledge or Slackware ​experience. I've been a member of a community since 2006, but got involved in a more direct manner in 2011. The other one is a Linux subforum of one of the largest internet communities in Serbia. [[http://​www.mycity.rs|MyCity]] is a (non for profit) group of 3 topically diverse web forums (one being IT forum) with the tradition spawning back to 2002. MyCity Linux subforums are part of the MyCity Tech and have a long history. Many notable Serbian GNU/Linux and FOSS activists/users/developers have been, in some moment in time, more or less active in the discussions.  +
- +
-===== SlackDocs involvement ===== +
- +
-My primary goal in contributing to the SlackDocs projects is to provide access to wide wealth of knowledge offered by SlackDocs to non-english speaking Serbian Slackware users ([[sr:​start|Serbian translation]]). I also got involved in a [[slackware:​localization|Slackware Localization]] article along the way.  +
- +
-There are other Slackware ​Serbia ​members [[http://​slackware-srbija.org/​forum/​viewtopic.php?​f=67&​t=1680|who considered contributing]] to the Serbian translation,​ but only two of us are active at this point of time (the other being fellow Serbian Slackware user [[user:​slackmuz]]).  +
-===== Communities I'm involed in ===== +
-  * [[http://​www.mycity.rs/​linux|MyCity Linux]] (moderator 2005 - ) +
-  * [[http://​www.slackware-srbija.org|Slackware Srbija]] (staff 2011 - )+

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