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-{{:wiki:user:bluepisw_trans_128.png?200|}} +Well, something about me. 33 year old. 
-{{:wiki:user:slackdocs_docs.png?200|}} + 
-{{:wiki:user:slackdocs_documentation.png?200|}} +I'm a farmer, ex house builder. Autodidact in several domain (I repair car, I make electronic, I learn to grow vegetables alone, music, ...), I start to use Linux near 2001, 1 year after buy my first computer, and bring it to garanty around 15 ways : discovering the registry base of windows is an adventure ... without acknowledgment nor documentation. 
 +I'd start to use Red Hat, made some distro hopping (I do sometime again), and I understand Slackware would make me a guru of linux OS. That's on way ... 
 +I use reals tools and technical, made by human for human : vim, dvorak, slackware, dvorak and vim. 
 +I know html and css well. I used Perl, but do not remember nothing. I think PHP must be known but it is very not interesting language for me; I know a little, able to modify a script to respond my needs. I may take time to learn Python ... the time ... . 
 +I think work done by other is very interesting : this often give me a solid base to work. Look at dokuwiki : we install, we work. Very nice. Same for a lot of thing, even in real life : somebody make beer, other drink. That's great. 
 +I had participate to the fusion of the 2 french slackware communities which result in slackware-fr.org, and I try to help on irc and forum. 
 +I love animal traction, with donkey, and I love build tools and harness for them. 
 +JID : asteroid@im.apinc.org 
 +mail : asteroid liveat slackware-fr.org 
 +irc : on irc.freenode.net, #slackware,#slackware-fr.org,#slackdocs 
 +{{:wiki:user:slackdocs.png|}} (use 'ascii' icon from /usr/share/icons/Tango/*/mimetypes/ as background) 
 +{{:wiki:user:slack_button.png|}} (generated from http://kalsey.com/tools/buttonmaker/; for those who want to point to DOCS)

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