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Slackware -Current це гілка (термінологія від систем керування версіями, як наприклад git) Slackware яка в стані розробки (безперервно), та з рештою, коли все буде готово, з неї вийде стабільна версія (а після цього, від стабільної версії, буде знову від’єднана в окрему розробницьку гілку для розробки наступної версії системи). Ця гілка, схожа по функціоналу на тестову гілку в інших дистрибутивах.

Стеження за гілкою Current

Рекомендовано слідкувати за гілкою Current

  1. cleanly install or upgrade your installation to the latest stable version first, following the instructions and information in the appropriate UPGRADE.TXT and CHANGES_AND_HINTS.TXT files found on the CD/DVD or the Slackware Linux online mirror.
  2. edit the /etc/slackpkg/mirrors file and comment out the mirror pointing to your stable version and uncomment one of the mirrors pointing to the current branch. For example, if you're using the Switzerland mirror and currently on the 13.37 stable release for Slackware 64-bit, then comment out the line

    and uncomment the line

    or any other mirror point to the -current branch.

  3. run the command (as root)
    slackpkg update
  4. read the ChangeLog file present in /var/lib/slackpkg/ChangeLog.txt for what applications and libraries are upgraded and which new packages are included.
  5. upgrade to the current branch in the normal fashion. See full system upgrade for more information.
  6. keep the current branch up-to-date by following steps 3 to 5 above (you could also automate the update-checking with a cron job.)
Do not track the Current branch on production systems as it is a test-bed for upcoming releases. It is recommended that you use the latest stable release with the security updates instead.


* Originally written by Harishankar for the SlackDocs Wiki Project.

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