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-==== cmyster ==== +I encourage any type of constructive criticism.
-Name:     ​Amit\\ +
-Location: Haifa, Israel\\ +
-Hobbies: ​ Slackware, PC games, Programming,​ Scripting, Photography,​ Martial Arts\\+
 +I highly recommend that you post less personal information on public websites, it may be a good idea to remove your birthdate and the city that you live in.  --- //​[[wiki:​user:​mfillpot|Matthew Fillpot]] 2012/09/22 06:55//
 +Thanks you are of course right on this, one should not write personal info at strange hours of the night.\\
 + --- //​[[wiki:​user:​cmyster|Amit Ugol]] 2012/09/28 03:40//

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