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 A single article does not warrant its own sub-namespace. \\ A single article does not warrant its own sub-namespace. \\
  --- //[[wiki:user:alienbob|Eric Hameleers]] 2012/09/10 15:40//  --- //[[wiki:user:alienbob|Eric Hameleers]] 2012/09/10 15:40//
 +>Fixed.  --- //[[wiki:user:nocturnal.slacker|V. T. Eric Layton]] 2012/09/10 19:27//
 +>NOTE: You'll also need to change your links to your submissions on your user page, arfon...
 +...or at least discuss the idea first on the mailing list. Having many namespace branches may give us (admins) more headaches. But, perhaps you do it for a reason. \\  --- //[[wiki:user:alienbob|Eric Hameleers]] 2012/09/10 15:46//
 +>Eh, I added the extra name-space layer because of what I read about Complex Articles.
 +>  Even though the single page HowTos aren't multiple pages, it seemed logical to put
 +> all the X Windows stuff in one name space since there could be a lot of it. It
 +> doesn't matter to me though, it's easier to dump it all into howtos: - arfon 20120911
 +> 1:18pm
 +>>arfon, we can always move your articles around to newly created namespaces later on if needed. Thanks.  --- //[[wiki:user:nocturnal.slacker|V. T. Eric Layton]] 2012/09/11 17:36//
 +>>> Cool. works for me. - arfon 20120912 8:33am.

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