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-041519@2327hrsEDT - Attn: Alien Bob+041519@2327hrsEDT - Attn: Alien Bob 
 +> I received an email notification of an edit to the start page. I see that you reverted to a previous version to eliminate some SPAM. Has this been happening much? This is the only email notification of an edit that I've received in quite some time. ~[[wiki:user:nocturnal.slacker|V.T. Eric Layton]]
-received an email notification of an edit to the start page. I see that you reverted to a previous version to eliminate some SPAMHas this been happening much? This is the only email notification of an edit that I've received in quite some time~[[wiki:user:nocturnal.slacker|V.T. Eric Layton]]+think you have an active email subscription to be notified of changes to the Start page. Click on "manage subscriptions" at the top to verifyI do not have page subscriptions myself, so I did not receive an email, but I monitor the "recent changes" instead. \\  --- //[[wiki:user:alienbob|Eric Hameleers]] 2019/04/17 08:15 (UTC)// 
 +Yes, I am subscribed. I'll check my email's SPAM folder to see if notifications have been placed there in the past and correct thisThanks! \\ --- //[[wiki:user:nocturnal.slacker|V. T. Eric Layton]] 041719@1042hrsEDT

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