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How about make this work without having to use passwords? You don't have to use passwords in Slackware stable installation; this is just ridiculous–these have zero functionality!— dchmelik 2021/9/8 01:10

How is this ridiculous dchmelik?
The regular Slackware installer is not a full Linux system; actually, it does not even log you in as root, it just pretends to do so (see https://git.slackware.nl/current/tree/source/installer/sources/initrd/etc/rc.d/rc.S#n249). The installer is an offline medium where you don't have to worry that someone hacks you during the installation because an empty root password is easy to guess.
A liveslak system on the other hand is a fully operational Slackware Linux environment with network access. The 'setup2hd' script provided by liveslak is the most comfortable way to install Slackware - because all the while during installation you can keep on browsing, listen to music, watch video, work on your dissertation etc… So I think that having to enter a password during boot is a small compromise for what you get in return.
Eric Hameleers 2021/09/08 11:32 (UTC)

Anyway, you could simply have sent me a feature request instead of using the word 'ridiculous' here on the Slack Docs Wiki. So, the next batch of ISOs (liveslak-1.3.10) will allow you to configure an empty password at boot, does that make you happy? See https://git.liveslak.org/liveslak/commit/?id=eefaaecddd26080e88dbb0cbabdd4b8e7d5a9351
Eric Hameleers 2021/09/08 12:38 (UTC)

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