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 +No problem for the edit, was needed, thank you. You'll tell me if something is unclear or badly formulated. Once validated I think we should remove the corresponding parts on the two source articles, and just link to this one. --- //​[[wiki:​user:​zithro|zithro]] 2012/09/13 07:58//
 +What about other languages - ie. ones not appearing in the Other_Languages pull-down ?
 +I'm interested in the '​el'​ code for Ellinika (greek), I'm taking a couple of Howtos'​ contents to work offline, then test in the playground, and come back here [or have to subscribe to the list too?] for details on how to create a new language/​namespace.
 +I suppose there'​s some basic work that need to be done in preparation,​ ie. there must be a list of typical tags/​names/​menu-titles that has to be up and running, allong with the basic/​home/​intro page before creating the new language-space ​ .. and I suppose there may be other people out there interested in helping with their own languages ..
 +so Please someone put a minimal relative reference it the translation instructions in the line of "​Anyone interested in introducing another language, please contact .. [somewhere] "
 +Thank you for your time. [sorry, but my online times count in weeks, so it will be one or two weeks before I revisit here and check my mail] Thanks again - Hermeia the Infosharer ​ (aka Olgamari)

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