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The wicd image is not yet available, it will be added once it is created on the slackbook, the namespace is reserved. — Matthew Fillpot 2012/09/16 18:25

Updated page to new formatting conventions and to exactly reflect original document. — Matthew Fillpot 2012/09/16 18:27

I strongly believe there should be another section here. The current implementation of wicd uses wireless-tools V29, which has a major flaw in how it allocates space for scanning. In regions where there are too many wireless networks (common now-a-days), scanning fails and the user cannot connect with wicd. A good solution is to use Network manager instead, and there should be a section here which discusses this. — Chris Duston

Hi Chris. Like Matthew said in the very first comment in this discussion page, the Slack Book itself is not yet updated with information about NetworkManager and since this Wikified version of the Slack Book is following its origin, we do not have anything about NetworkManager on this page either.
You could try contacting Alan Hicks who by the way has not updated his project for almost 6 years now… — Eric Hameleers 2018/05/10 10:03 (UTC)

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