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Welcome to the Slackware Documentation Project

Content for both new and old Slackware Users

This is a translation work “in progress.” I think I'll need two more days to complete the full translation of this page. Why so long? Because I'm trying to make some “improvements” on the text.

The idea: The Slackware Linux was my first Linux distribution. Against all the rules, I'm one of many living proofs in the world that you can start learning Linux using Slackware. At that time (mid 1998, I think) a friend gave me a CD with the Slackware 7.0, and I had no documentation available to help me install and use this Linux distribution (much less Internet access to search for). And, at that time too, I realized how difficult it was to put this distribution to work on my old computer, and learning how to use Linux.

But I succeed in using Linux until today :) And in the past I helped translating a few chapters from previous Slackbook versions (from English to Brazilian Portuguese). At that time I noticed that this documentations appear to have been created only for users with average or advanced knowledge (both in Linux and Slackware): and the newbies were still being relegated to “oblivion”.

Since then, I always questioned the “accessibility” of Slackware for novice users. However, two days ago I saw the announcement of this project on Slashdot (yes, I am daily Slashdot reader, you can now throw stones on me :D ), and realized the full potential of this project, if people start to contribute for both new and old Slackware (and Linux) users generations. And in the case of younger generations (including users who are willing to learn Linux for the first time) I really want to give “easy access” to this Slackware knowledge for them (or die trying…) :D

Based on this premise, I decided to expand, and completely modularize this Slackware installation tutorial, adding some blocks of information (and also, some inter-steps like blkid, and some regional information, like ABNT-2 keyboards) that could help beginners to understand more deeply what they are doing step-by-step through the Slackware installation process.

And, I know that this “Install” page is not a “new Page”, but I will also submit an English version for appreciation as soon as possible (in SlackDocs Mailing List, of course). And if you think my work can really help newbies to adopt Slackware, I will be glad to share this content with other translation groups in this project.

And sorry for my poor English. I will try to improve it too :)

Rodrigo Amorim

Long Absence

Posted at: 20140619-163000

Guys, sorry for the long absence. I hope I can return a.s.a.p. to contribute in this project. I want to at last finish the translation (and improvements) on the Slackware's installation guide. I hope I would be able to acomplish this in a coiuple of days.

Best Regards

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