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I want to tag my HOWTO about SLiM, and I wonder if tags are limited to a single word. Is something like “login manager” a valid tag? What do you suggest?
— Niki Kovacs, 2012/08/24

You can add multiple tags, space-separated, like this:

{{tag>foo bar}}

If you want a tag that looks like it is multiple words (like “slackware 13.37”) then you replace the spaces with underscores. The underscores will be rendered as spaces in the final page view±

{{tag>foo bar slackware_13.37}}

Using double quotes around a tag with multiple words is accepted as well but I find that not as readable.
Eric Hameleers 2012/08/24 10:59

I understand “visually unappealing” is the ad usum delphini version of “butt-ugly” ;-) Niki ——