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alienbob Why I moved your page...
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 +Hi aschyiel
 +Please do not create random pages. We would like you to create new content (in the english language at least) below the [[howtos:​|howtos:​]] namespace hierarchy. I moved your page to a better location.
 +Also, check the other HOWTO pages to see how we want a quality page to look. Your page has no Level 1 heading, it has no tags (which we use to categorize our howto pages), and it does not really have depth of information (i.e. anyone can understand that typing "​mplayer some.mp3"​ will play the song). Can you add some more background to the article, like advanced use of commandline parameters, and the ''​mencoder''​ program which is part of the MPlayer package?\\ Also, mentioning the various graphical front-ends would be nice.
 +Also I urge you to read the pages we created for the aspiring authors of this Wiki: [[slackdocs:​styleguide|Style Guide for Articles Published at SlackDocs]] and [[slackdocs:​tutorial|Wiki Tutorial and Guidelines]].
 +Thanks, Eric \\  --- //​[[wiki:​user:​alienbob|Eric Hameleers]] 2012/10/19 16:57//

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