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In the 13.37 mirrors you see apart from pam-solibs, orbit2 and gconf. I think those should be included as dependencies (for a lack of a better word) | cmyster.

Thanks cmyster!

Might it be worthwhile to link to this article as well? http://slackwiki.com/Chromium_browserTony Senerchia 2012/09/07 06:23

The link does not repackage the chromium in a SlackBuild. Not sure if this is a good practice. AFAIK, google-chrome compilation does not take couple of hours. — escaflown 2012/09/07 17:31
I don't know if it is a good practice either. That being said, I found it very useful (when I used Chromium), for the same reasons that are stated in the article's “Use Case,” i.e. that the SlackBuild is O.K., but downloading over 100 MB of source and compiling for a long time is - for a variety of reasons - simply not a good option for some people. That being said, if you determine it's not an option you'd like to promote, I have no objections; I merely thought that offering a link to that wiki article would add another option for some people who would want it. Perhaps, if anywhere, it would be more appropriate in a google-chromium article? — Tony Senerchia 2012/09/09 08:59

The chrome SlackBuild does a simple re-packaging of Google's own binaries (available as a debian package). Chromium on the other hand, is compiled from source using its SlackBuild.
Eric Hameleers 2012/09/07 16:36

The HOWTO doesn't work for me. First I tried Chrome 26 from Google website on Slackware 14 (32 bit). I could run and use binary, but a lot of places within browser were red squares/boxes only. Very ugly at least. I spent a lot of time searching for fix with no result. Now I've upgraded to Chrome 28 with the same disapointing. When I run chrome with more logging

chrome –enable-logging=stderr –log-level=0 I could see a lot of messages like

[22079:22079:0804/203243:WARNING:resource_bundle_gtk.cc(96)] Unable to load pixbuf with id 6994

I tried a lot and finally got fix by removing gdk-pixbuf2-2.26.1-i486-2.txz from system and compiling/installing the same package with no patches myself.

Btw. I got into similar troubles with Graphviz/dot (png output didn't work) on Slackware 14 and simply recompiling Graphviz fixed the problem.

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