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 +As someone has already mentioned, it'd be helpful to have some sort of an introductory section saying what cacti is. You know, even one or two sentences will do. \\
 + --- //​[[wiki:​user:​sycamorex|Marcin Herda]] 2012/09/12 12:01//
 +>I figure that the only people who would read this article are people who know what cacti is and are looking for instructions. ​ Please add to the HowTo if you want. - arfon 20120912 2:13pm
 +Well... Could you please reconsider? The goal of setting up this project is to try to be more an information resource for every Slackware user out there - and not so much a digital scrapbook for people who already "//​been there, done that//"​. \\ For the sake of argument, let's suppose you are looking for a monitoring solution, and you heard about stuff like nagios, cacti, and such. Would you not be interested in something more elaborate than merely a recipe to get the program working? It does not add knowledge, it is a form of spoon feeding. You'll activate software which may be used to break into your box if you are unaware of the risks of running it in its default configuration. A bit of background and some notes about the security considerations is highly desired in an article about monitoring software. \\  --- //​[[wiki:​user:​alienbob|Eric Hameleers]] 2012/09/12 12:16//

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