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alienbob A question about your httpd.conf example.
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 --- //​[[wiki:​user:​alienbob|Eric Hameleers]] 2013/02/17 07:16// --- //​[[wiki:​user:​alienbob|Eric Hameleers]] 2013/02/17 07:16//
 +A remark about the Apache configuration example. You pasted a large part of the "''​httpd.conf''"​ file. In fact, it is not clear at all what your changes were because of the large amount of irrelevant lines. \\ Try to find a better way to document your changes in that file. Either by posting only a diff of the changes, or by highlighting the changes (and removing all irrelevant lines). \\  --- //​[[wiki:​user:​alienbob|Eric Hameleers]] 2013/02/17 14:27//
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