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 +====== Cups client configuration,​ Slackware ======
 +Since cups ~1.6 the browsing method for locating shared printers changed. While the move is towards avahi for printer discovery, cups can still function without it. Assuming the server-side is up and running, the only client-side steps needed seem to be:
 +1. ''​vim /​etc/​cups/​cups-browsed.conf''​
 +   ​BrowsePoll <​server_ip>:​631
 +2. ''​chmod +x /​etc/​rc.d/​rc.cups-browsed && /​etc/​rc.d/​rc.cups-browsed start''​
 +As ''​rc.cups-browsed''​ doesn'​t seem to be called from ''​rc.M'',​ you may also want to start it in ''​rc.local''​ and stop it in ''​rc.local_shutdown''​.

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