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 *** discussion and notes *** *** discussion and notes ***
 +I think that this part of the guide that reads:
 +"vi Makefile #get rid of any "​-m32"​ flags if you are on a 64-bit machine" ​
 +should clarify that the -m32 flag could or should be changed to -m64 if you making libpulse.so.0 on a 64bit machine. ​
 +- khronosschoty
 - Initial article review by vtel57 - 031916 - Initial article review by vtel57 - 031916
 +== - The Bluez 5.40 package says that it is not dependent on pulseaudio, and the Bluez website also does not indicate that pulseaudio is necessary. ​ Perhaps a revision of the Rationale section should be contemplated. ​ - ==
 +Please add your name and a timestamp when you write something here! It is impolite to just write random bullshit. There'​s a "​insert signature"​ button above the editor which accomplishes just that. \\ And FYI, this is the git commit which removed ALSA support from BlueZ: http://​git.kernel.org/​cgit/​bluetooth/​bluez.git/​commit/?​id=4ff9b99292eca193dc0c149722328cb0b1ab0818 \\  --- //​[[wiki:​user:​alienbob|Eric Hameleers]] 2017/02/02 22:51 (UTC)//
 +== Rebuilding packages with pa disabled ==
 +Should ''​alsa-plugins''​ be rebuilt instead of removed? (with ''​--disable-pulseaudio''​ flag)
 +Also I was able to rebuild ''​kmix''​ without PA. Then it does not need runtime configuration.
 +--- //Anonymous

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