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  • Add something about other PA-related tools like `pamon`, `paprefs` etc.
  • Read about dsnoop myself. Maybe it's a bogus advice to use it.
  • Test per-user daemons on a multiuser setup. Maybe PA needs to be run system-wide for it to work. My setup doesn't seem to work properly, although PA should be fine as long as the user logs out before another one logs in.

This is my very first HowTo article, so constructive criticism is welcome.

Grammar check is needed. Some things may not be thoroughly tested.

fsLeg 2015/05/26 15:18

  • I believe the correct option for compiling the 32bit compat package is –without-caps or at least it worked this way for me for pulseaudio-7.0
  • You might want to improve this great article with some more info on the pulse usage. I personally use veromixer and it looks and works great on my kde which can be installed automatically from the widget browser. Also streaming sound and echo cancellation come right out of the box and would be cool to be mentioned in this article

Krum (kik.lozev _at_ gmail.com) I am not sure if here is the right place to contribute to this wiki.

Thanks for pointing out the typo, I was writing from the memory.
About improving. The only reason I use PA at all is because I have a USB microphone and it's annoying to reconfigure the audio devices every time I plug it in or out, so I don't look deeply into PA as long as it just works. No doubt, it accumulated a lot of features over the years it's been developed, but I don't use them nor I am interested in them. If you have the knowledge (and any user that uses PA extensively knows more than I do), feel free to add any related information.
fsLeg 2016/01/12 21:46
  • Package by zerouno seems discontinued
  • Slackware current has PulseAudio (and so will have 14.2). Might worth to tell it and till it is edited keep the article.

Tonus (monsieurantoine _at_gmail.com)

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