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 ====== Discussion about DisplayLink support in Slackware ====== ====== Discussion about DisplayLink support in Slackware ======
 +Update February 03, 2020
 +Slackware64-current with latest kernel (5.4.17) still working fine today. ​ After any kernel upgrade, I run grub-mkconfig -o /​boot/​grub/​grub.cfg and after the reboot, press e and add 3 at the end of the line starting with "​linux"​. ​ I login and repackage evdi-kernel and nvidia-kernel,​ install and reboot. ​ Everything works fine after that, with the three monitors on the USB 3.0 docking station
 +F. Bobbio C. (a.k.a. Akileo)
 Update December 30, 2019 Update December 30, 2019

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