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 ====== Discussion about DisplayLink support in Slackware ====== ====== Discussion about DisplayLink support in Slackware ======
 +Update February 26,2019
 +DisplayLink package version 5.1.26 with Slackware64-current (kernel version 4.19.25) shows screen with lines of different colors and second monitor does not work with x-org-server packages on 1.20.3 (xorg-server,​ x-org-server-xephyr,​ xorg-server-xnext and xorg-server-xvfb)
 +Updated to latest package for DisplayLink: ​ https://​www.displaylink.com/​downloads/​file?​id=1304
 +Updated to latest version of EVDI:  https://​github.com/​DisplayLink/​evdi/​releases/​tag/​v1.6.0
 +Downgraded to x-org-server packages 1.19.6
 +F. Bobbio C. (a.k.a. Akileo)
 Update December 11, 2018: Update December 11, 2018:

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