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 +Hi, nice article, but requires some sub headings to make it more structured. Could you do it or would you prefer somebody else to?  --- //​[[wiki:​user:​vharishankar|Harishankar]] 2012/09/01 01:00//
 +Thanks. Feel free to make improvements. That is the purpose of a Wiki.  --- //​[[wiki:​user:​allend|David Allen]] 2012/09/01 04:47//
 +> Hi, I asked because we are required to adhere to this guideline on major edits: [[slackdocs:​styleguide|see the style guide]] ​ --- //​[[wiki:​user:​vharishankar|Harishankar]] 2012/09/01 06:09//
 +>> The courtesy is appreciated. I am aware of the guidelines, but I feel that some latitude is in order as far as editing for presentation,​ consistency of style and general readability while the Wiki is in the early stages of content population, especially when the content is of well known, general nature. ​ --- //​[[wiki:​user:​allend|David Allen]] 2012/09/01 06:21//
 +>>>​ Thanks for that. I made a few changes. Your feedback would be appreciated. ​ --- //​[[wiki:​user:​vharishankar|Harishankar]] 2012/09/01 07:23//
 +>>>>​ Looks great to me. Much appreciated. ​ --- //​[[wiki:​user:​allend|David Allen]] 2012/09/01 07:29//
 +Hey guys, all looks well here. I was just wondering why this article is flagged as needing attention? ​ --- //​[[wiki:​user:​nocturnal.slacker|V. T. Eric Layton]] 2012/09/07 20:46//
 +> Not sure why the additional tags appeared. I have edited the tags, saved the page, then restored the original tags and saved the page again. Seems to have fixed the problem. ​ --- //​[[wiki:​user:​allend|David Allen]] 2012/09/08 00:10//
 +>>​All'​s well. Thanks, David. :-)  --- //​[[wiki:​user:​nocturnal.slacker|V. T. Eric Layton]] 2012/09/08 16:04//
 +Hi, When 14 is out (soon enough) this page will need a revisit as some issues were resolved in later kernels (from my exp with this card)\\
 + --- //​[[wiki:​user:​cmyster|Amit Ugol]] 2012/09/23 07:25//

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