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 ====== Slackware on AWS EC2 Talk ====== ====== Slackware on AWS EC2 Talk ======
-**2015-02-19 03:42:13-02:00** - I'm wondering if this page is ready for linking in the [[howtos:cloud:start|main topic article]]. //Deny Dias.//+**2015-02-19 03:42:13-02:00** - I'm wondering if this page is ready for linking in the [[howtos:cloud:start|main topic article]]. //Deny Dias.// 
 +I have added the missing tag information to the bottom of your article. That information was present in the template text with which every new page starts but you removed that apparently. It says "//Please do not modify anything below, except adding new tags//" for a good reason you know... With the tags in place, your article automatically appears on the [[howtos:cloud:start|cloud overview page]]. \\  --- //[[wiki:user:alienbob|Eric Hameleers]] 2015/02/20 04:07// 
 +Oh! I'm so sorry for this, Eric. I really didn't see that warning because I started writing this article from sratch and did not followed a template. I promise being more careful next time. 
 +--- //[[wiki:user:denydias|Deny Dias]] 2015/02/27 00:07// 
 +> I tried following this guide, and a lot of it now seems to be out of date or unnecessary. Also the Xen build from slackbuilds fails due to a number of dependency issues. I'm considering re-writing this article to bring it up to date and simplify it where possible. --- //[[wiki:user:escoutaire|Andy Webb]] 12/03/2019// 
 +Hi Andy. Since the article is almost 4 years old, I guess it's overdue for refresh. If you feel confident that you can improve the content, go ahead, \\  --- //[[wiki:user:alienbob|Eric Hameleers]] 2019/03/12 20:06 (UTC)// 
 +Eric, Andy:  I think the whole thing needs just deleting.  Most images are HVM these days, so none of that PV stuff is needed.  Unfortunately this is the first hit when searching slackware AMI   --- //[[wiki:user:bifferos|Mark Kelly]] 2020/06/19 16:47 (UTC)//

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