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-====== Going Further ======+====== ​Studioware: ​Going Further ======
 ===== Queue Operations ===== ===== Queue Operations =====
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-===== Slackpkg and sbopkg ===== 
-It is possible to download and build/​install using sbopkg. You will notice that our own tool is similar in some ways, but there are differences. For example, sbopkg has many more features for setting options, building queues etc. One main difference though is in the way that our tools handle queues of categories. ​ 
-We recommend using our tools for installing whole categories as they were designed with this in mind and simplify the process of getting a machine up and running. 
-Later, sbopkg can be used to search, build or install applications. A howto on setting up sbopkg can be found here: http://​​studioware:​slackpkg_sbopkg 
-* Originally written by [[wiki:​user:​dive | dive]] 
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