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-===== Slackware ​Arm =====+===== Slackware ​ARM ===== 
 +The primary site for Slackware ARM is [[http://​arm.slackware.com/​|here]]. 
 +The pages on docs.slackware.com are intended to help grow the community, by providing a collaborative area in which the documentation can be maintained. 
 +==== The current set of documentation ==== 
 +[[slackwarearm:​faq|Slackware ARM - Frequently Asked Questions]]\\ 
 +[[howtos:​hardware:​arm:​start|Slackware on ARM - HOWTO guides]] 
 {{pagequery>​@slackwarearm:​ *;​sort=a,​name;​group;​cols=3;​proper;​display=title}} {{pagequery>​@slackwarearm:​ *;​sort=a,​name;​group;​cols=3;​proper;​display=title}}
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