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Slackware ARM / AArch64 Kernel Module Loader

May 2021 This is a place holder - the documentation for this part of Slackware ARM has yet to be written.

However, it is explained in two videos from the Slackware ARM podcast.

Part 1 of 2 Part 2 of 2

Notes around Slackware Pre-boot Shell

Only works over UART/Serial port because the 1st stage opens prior to any modules being loaded. This generally precludes the use of HCI (Human Computer Interaction) peripherals such as keyboards and monitors.

Notes for


Event hooks defined within the Hardware Model platform helper scripts:

The RPi4 is an example - provide link to it.

hwm_hook_pre-modload hwm_hook_post-modload


    # Define a function to run from the OS InitRD's '/init' immediately prior
    # to switching into the Slackware OS proper.
    # This is after any software RAID arrays et al have been initialised.
    # There's no current use case for this, but it may be useful in the future.
    # At this stage, the following paths for Slackware OS are mounted:
    # /proc, /sys, /run, /dev
    # The root file system ('/') is mounted under /mnt
    #function hwm_hook_pre_switch_root() {
    #  echo "Just about to switch into the Slackware OS proper, leaving the OS InitRD"
    #  sleep 4

and user locally defined hook_pre_switch_root


Linux Kernel package

doinst.sh calls

  • os-initrd-mgr(8) (link to video) -
  • Any helper scripts named 'pkg-kernel-*' found within /boot/platform/$ARCH/helper/. This enables handling any Hardware Model idiosyncrasies, such as in the case of the Raspberry Pi the Kernel et al from the standard OS location /boot, are duplicated onto the RPi's Hardware Model Boot Ware partition (/boot/platform/hwm_bw) to enable the use of the RPi's native Boot Loader.

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