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Slackware ARM / AArch64 Development information

For the background and context on the Slackware ARM / AArch64 development model, and how to get involved, please see this document

The purpose of this document is to provide an exposition of how individual Hardware Models are directly integrated (so that the hardware is supported “out of the box”) into Slackware ARM / AArch64. These serve as live examples and templates for the Slackware ARM community to use to support this endeavour.

Please note that some Hardware Models may require additional changes. These are topics for the Slackware ARM mailing list.

Developer Documentation

Document Description
Development Model
Considerations around choosing a Hardware Model Some considerations that a Hardware Custodian should study before committing to supporting a particular Hardware Model.
RockPro64 Direct Integration Support An exposition of how the Hardware Model Rock Pro64 support is directly integrated into Slackware AArch64. This serves as a template and a guide to the standards for Hardware Model Custodians
Raspberry Pi 4 Direct Integration Support Notes collection (June 2021)
Slackware ARM/AArch64 Linux Kernel Module Loader Documentation of the internals of Slackware ARM/AArch64's Kernel Module loader that's used within the OS InitRD, Slackware Installer and Live Cards . This is required reading for Hardware Model Custodians

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