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 If you want to very latest version, you can visit [[http://​my.opera.com/​ruario/​blog/​2012/​08/​13/​opera-12-01-for-slackware|ruari'​s blog]]. ​ If you want to very latest version, you can visit [[http://​my.opera.com/​ruario/​blog/​2012/​08/​13/​opera-12-01-for-slackware|ruari'​s blog]]. ​
 +Alternatively,​ you can get a Slackware-compatible official release from Opera'​s [[http://​www.opera.com/​browser/​download/​|download]] page. It comes with a script to install opera to a location of choosing (the default choice of /usr/local is good - if you try to install as a user other than root, it will recommend installing to $HOME/​.local) as well as an uninstall script. However, opera includes no update mechanism - you will have to download and install new versions by hand.
 +Finally, one can use the script [[http://​my.opera.com/​ruario/​blog/​2010/​12/​26/​automatic-conversion-of-opera-generic-linux-packages-into-slackware-format|op2slk]] to download the latest Opera version and convert it to a Slackware package for later (un)installation.
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