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KDE Software Compilation (KDE SC) is a desktop environment that provides the user a full graphical experience and includes a large number of applications, ranging from browser to photo-editing software. It is based on the Qt toolkit.




KDE is included in the installation DVD and is the default environment. Slackware 13.37 ships with KDE 4.5.5. The upcoming 14 release will come with KDE 4.8.5.

During the installation process, please make sure that you select the KDE (and KDEI for international language support if needed) package series.

Adding KDE to an existing install

Custom packages

If you wish to use a more recent version of KDE than either the stable or current branch, you can use some more up-to-date packages. AlienBob's ktown provides the latest software collection and the needed steps to perform the installation. Keep in mind that those packages are not officially supported by Slackware.



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