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 ====== Wiki Tutorial and Guidelines ====== ====== Wiki Tutorial and Guidelines ======
-<note warning>This page is a WIP (work in progress)</note>+
 ===== Namespaces ===== ===== Namespaces =====
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 ==== So How Are non-English Contributions Being Handled? ==== ==== So How Are non-English Contributions Being Handled? ====
-That being said, there are many valuable contributors who simply don't want to write a text in a language that is not their native language. We don't want to frustrate all these potential writers, the more so since we count on all of you for making this project happen. After some discussion on the admin list, we found a viable solution for this dilemma.  +Please check [[slackdocs:translation_guide#creating_a_page_in_your_own_language|Creating Page in Your Own Language]] in the Translation Guidelines.
- +
-Here's an example. Let's say you're French, and you wish to contribute a HOWTO about OCR text scanning, in French.  +
- +
-  - Send a message to the ''slackdocs@alienbase.nl'' mailing list, asking for a translator for your language. Something in the line of"Hello everybody, I'm busy writing HOWTO about OCR text scanning in French. Can anybody translate my article into English once it's finished?"  +
-  - As soon as you find your translator, or an editor picks one for you - which shouldn't be too hard, since our numbers seem to grow daily - you continue the discussion off-list, until both the text and the translation are finished. +
-  - The translated text gets published first, in the main section of the site. The Sources section mentions you as the author, and the translator as well. +
-  - Finally, your original text gets published in the (french) localized section of the site, mentioning you as the author again+
 <!-- Do not remove this line and the text below. Thanks! slackdocs@--> <!-- Do not remove this line and the text below. Thanks! slackdocs@-->
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