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 ===== Translating a Page ===== ===== Translating a Page =====
-The multi-language capability of this Wiki requires that you stick to a few rules+The multi-language capability of this Wiki requires that you stick to a few rules. ​Please read them in the specific ​[[slackdocs:translation_guide|Translation Guidelines]].
- +
-  * English is the primary language of the WikiEvery Wiki article must **at least** have an English version. +
- +
-  * When you want to translate a page, you must not change the name of the page. \\ For example to translate [[slackware:​install|slackware:​install]] into Brazilian Portuguese, just add the **pt-br:** prefix ​in the URL like this: [[pt-br:slackware:​install|http://​docs.slackware.com/​pt-br:​slackware:​install]] . Do not change the page name "//​install//"​ to its Brazilian Portuguese translation of "//​instalar//"​ ! You should only translate the page's content. +
- +
-  * If you want to create a //new// page in your native language, first create the English version of the page using an English word for the page. A page name like "​instalar"​ is not an English word and therefore will not be accepted. You can start with an empty English page if you want, with just a title for example and containing a large notice that you are working on a translated version first. Then, add your language prefix into the page URL, and start writing your document. +
- +
-<​note>​A good practice is to put your doc through an automatic translator like [[http://​translate.google.com/​ | http://​translate.google.com/​]],​ paste the translated English text into the empty English page, and post on the [[http://​lists.alienbase.nl/​mailman/​listinfo/​slackdocs | slackdocs mailing list]] for help to fix the English translation. //​__Creating the English version is a requirement if you want the site editors to accept the article in your own language.__//​ \\ You should add a note or warning to the English version that it is in need of proof-reading and editing.</​note>​ +
 ===== Pages That Require Attention from an Admin ===== ===== Pages That Require Attention from an Admin =====

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