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The Linux Kernel

What Does the Kernel Do?

You've probably heard people talking about compiling the kernel or building a kernel, but what exactly is the kernel and what does it do? The kernel is the center of your computer. It is the foundation for the entire operating system. The kernel acts as a bridge between the hardware and the applications. This means that the kernel is (usually) the sole piece of software responsible for ordering around the hardware components of your computer. It is the kernel that instructs the hard drive to search for a certain data stream. It is the kernel that instructs your network card to transmit rapid changes in voltage. The kernel also listens to hardware as well. When the network card detects a remote computer sending information, it forwards that information to the kernel. This makes the kernel both the single most important piece of software on your computer and the most complex.

Working with Modules

Compiling A Kernel and Why to do So

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  • Originally written by Alan Hicks, Chris Lumens, David Cantrell, Logan Johnson

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