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 ====== CPU-frequency Scaling with Slackware ====== ====== CPU-frequency Scaling with Slackware ======
 == Overview == == Overview ==
-CPU-frequency-scaling is done by the kernel. ​A stock Slackware-installation ​comes with all requirements ​which are necessary ​to use this feature.+CPU-frequency-scaling is done by the kernel. Slackware comes with all requirements ​necessarry ​to use this feature. ​ 
 == Requirements == == Requirements ==
-CPU-frequency-scaling ​must be configured in the kernel (this is the case for any stock-kernel in recent ​Slackware-versions) +The kernelmdule which provides cpu-frequency-scaling is for AMD powernow_k8,​ for Intel ???, Slackware ​comes with the cpufrequtils-package ​which helps us to configure the frequency-scaling in an appropriate manner. 
-The package ​cpufrequtils must be installed, it provides the necessary tools in order to configure the scaling in userspace. If you've done a complete installation ​of Slackware ​the package is already installed.+ 
 +Note that on a laptop the appropriate kernelmodule for cpu-frequency-scaling is loaded automatically. If you're computer is not a laptop you'll have to load the module via modprobe. 
 +The cpu-frequency-scaling can be done automatically by so called governor or manually. The governors available are "​conservative",​ "​ondemand",​ "​userspace"​ and "​performance"​. When you build your own kernel, you can choose one of the governors or "​userspace"​ which allows for configuring cpu-frequency in userspace. 
 +Functions of the governors: the governor "​performance"​ sets always the highest frequency available for the processor. "​ondemand"​ switches dynamically between the available frequencies depending on the systemload. "​conservative"​ is similar to "​ondemand",​ but tries to use always the lowest frequency possible. "​powersave"​ sets the frequency to the lowest possible. When you configure your kernel for "​userspace"​ you can configure the different governors in userspace (which is most convenient). 
 +The cpufrequtils-package ​provides two commands, with cpufreq-info you can find out which governor ​is configured and also some other informations for example about the available frequencies for your processor. 
 +The cpufre-set command can be used in order to set the appropriate governor.

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