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===== Adding Multilib Capability to Slackware on x86_64 Architecture ===== This article contains instructions on how to create a //true multilib// Slackware64. A multilib 64bit Linux system is capable of running 64bit as well as 32bit software. The [[h... 64'' directories. This is why I call Slackware64 "multilib-ready" - even though 32bit libraries will be loo
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onments]] run ''xwmconfig'' as root. ==== Adding multilib ==== If you just installed the 64-bit version of ... 2-bit programs will turn your Slackware64 into a "multilib" system. Instructions can be found in the article "[[slackware:multilib|Adding Multilib Capability to Slackware on x86_64 Architecture]]" in our Wiki. ===== References ===== *
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e]]. You may want to read our page on [[slackware:multilib|adding multilib capabilities]] in that case. ==== Slackware Documentation ==== Even a Slackware user can
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e OS (default: darkstar). -M Add multilib (x86_64 only). -O <outfile> Custom filenam

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