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and are able to build compat32 packages on x86_64 multilib systems. sbopkg gives you more control than sboto... rth mentioning that if you need PulseAudio and/or multilib //for Skype only//, there's a [[http://files.z01.... at doesn't require you to install neither PA, nor multilib (for x86_64 systems).</note> ==== Installation ... is very tedious. ==== Installation on a x86_64 multilib system ==== Here I'll assume you know how to set
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n ===== === Note === Steam requires [[slackware:multilib]] if using a 64 bit system. The steam installer ... ry/14.2/libraries/libtxc_dxtn/|libtxc_dxtn]] (for multilib the compat32 versions would need to be installed

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