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 ====== Remote X: Linux to Linux ====== ====== Remote X: Linux to Linux ======
-<!-- Add your text below. We strongly advise to start with a Headline ​(see button bar above). -->+As X11 in its newer versions doesn'​t allow incoming tcp connections by default anymore ​(see the relative [[https://​cgit.freedesktop.org/​xorg/​xserver/​commit/?​id=cc59be38b7eff52a1d003b390f2994c73ee0b3e9|commit)]], since Slackware 14.2 you have to launch your X server (the one which has to display the remote application) explicitly enabling them, like 
 +     ​startx ​-- -listen tcp 
 +if you are using a display manager to launch your X session refer to its documentation for enabling this in its configuration file.
 ====== Plain Ol' Vanilla X11 Forwarding ====== ====== Plain Ol' Vanilla X11 Forwarding ======

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